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Introducing Badlands Magazine

Excited to announce Badlands Magazine — a contemporary landscape and outdoor photography publication featuring photographer interviews and images.

Editorially, my intent with Badlands is to create a publication that challenges its audience as much as it inspires. To publish original, groundbreaking photography that encourages readers to see the natural world from a different angle. Through interviews, Badlands will learn more about the photographer behind the image. What inspires, motivates, and excites them, and how they use landscape photography as a means of artistic expression.

But above all, my hope and intent with Badlands is to publish content readers are excited to see whenever a new feature comes out. I hope you enjoy it.

Deep Blue Night by Linda Westin

The first featured photographer is Stockholm-based Linda Westin. Linda carefully illuminates the outdoors at night in a way that makes ordinary trees and plants appear alien, magical, and dreamlike. I think her images are amazing and set just the right tone and creative direction for the type of content Badlands intends to publish in the future.

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